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"You are a divine carrier of something special that
the world needs."

Tabitha J
Identity Advocate

Tabitha J is a Speaker, Mentor, Brand Strategist and the CEO of Tabitha J Enterprises, a Creative Services firm that specializes in personal and professional branding. “I’m your identity advocate!” is Tabitha’s mantra, as she prides herself in connecting one’s passion, experiences and character with vision and opportunity. 

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As a Media & Graphic Arts graduate and after working in Corporate America for 15 years, Tabitha’s transition into the non-profit industry launched her passion for empowering individuals with resources to create a clearer path for their lives. Tabitha successfully served in the Public Relations field as a Marketing Director for several organizations, until she launched her own line of creative services, the Brielle Connection Center in 2014.

In 2008, Tabitha received Professional Certification with the City of Chicago and began a small weekly session for teenage girls, teaching empowerment and social awareness. This expanded into her own non-profit sector with Brielle, dubbed “The Eden Movement”, with a goal to empower individuals to live their best life by way of standards that are unwavering to life’s challenges. Her networking & empowerment segments for individuals are unfolding with her first successful chapter of The Eden Movement, entitled “Girls Are Better” (G.A.B.), specializing in not only healthy identity, but also an Etiquette Class for social graces. A longtime resident of the City of Chicago, Tabitha is known for her heart for matters of the community. Tabitha launched Code Blue Chicago in 2014, in efforts to reignite the faith-based community’s connection to Chicagoland residents and collectively take on the growing issue of violence.

Most recently, Tabitha J fully established Tabitha J Enterprises as the home base of all channels, where she began building individual clientele based upon not only her expertise, but proven strategies based upon her own story. One solution provided comes in the form of her first published series, "Lady Boss" and "BOSS MAN" Success Planners. These annual success planners, launched in late 2018, serves as personally customized guides for any individual aiming to prioritize their lives while charting the course for any accomplishments they want to attain.

At the heart of her achievements is the experience of motherhood, as Tabitha is also the proud mom of young Gabrielle. In every aspect of life, Tabitha is committed to give people the support and inspiration needed to achieve higher goals beyond the standards they set for themselves. Her powerful messages are engaging to all age groups and help others take immediate action to improve the quality of their personal and professional lives.

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